We offer COVID Vaccine for all children age 6 months and older, Book yours today

Established Patients may get COVID testing through our office

We offer PCR COVID testing through our office, with 1-3 days results.

If you test Positive for COVID-19

With the increase in COVID-19 cases in our area, you might not hear from the health department right away. We ask everyone to follow these steps to help stop the spread. 

Start isolation yourself right away. Stay home except for medical care. Let your employer know you have COVID-19.

Notify your close contacts so they can start to quarantine themselves. 

Close contacts: Quarantine instructions

Start quarantining right away if you are told you are a close contact.

Stay home except to get medical care. Close contacts of a positive of case (<6 feet, 15= minutes total) need to quarantine for 14 days from your last contact to COVID+ person while they were considered contagious and monitor for symptoms. If you develop symptoms, get tested.

You cannot test your way out of quarantine, however. Because the incubation period of this virus is long, close contacts need to stay home 14 days from your last contact, even if you received a negative test result. 

You can resume normal activities when

If you experience difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or chest pain call 9-1-1 and go to your nearest Emergency room.


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Emergency guidance 

List of when to report to the ER or seek immediate medical attention . This list is not all-inclusive list. It is just meant to be a guide for certain illness processes. If you believe your child has a medical emergency please dial 911 or go to nearest ER.